Learn How to Repair Laptop Computer


How to Repair Laptop Computer

To repair laptop computer is not too easy, you have to consider several factors, and these are software and hardware. You must analyze the issue before taking any action, you must consider if the issue involves whether software of hardware. How to repair laptop computer software problem? Most laptop computer has its own recovery disk which you can use in repairing any software issue like operating system and restoring software drivers. In most cases using the recovery disk will clean install your hard drive and this simply means that it will wipe out all data that you have in the hard drive, before you decide to use the recovery disk you must backup your data before doing it.

How to repair laptop computer hardware issues? This is the most challenging part since this will involve technical knowledge, generally, to repair laptop computer hardware; you need to consult technical persons and as much as possible certified technical person. To repair laptop computer hardware will need special tools such as multi tester which you can use to measure voltage, resistance, and current. Aside from multi tester you need also to have various types of screw drivers and you must consider also the length and size of these tools, since there are several types, models, and brands of laptop computer and they have their own style and design when it comes to laptop computer body casing. 

Now, that we have provided some basic information on how to repair laptop computer, now let’s discussed also what are the advantages and disadvantages of laptop computer. Today’s generation most people desire’s to make their work easier and comfortable, that is why most people longing to acquire mobile devices like laptop computer, especially those people that are always on the move, some of these people are researchers, businessmen, students, scientist and doctors.

Computer Laptop Advantages:

Computer Laptop advantages are… power consumption is much lesser compare to a desktop computers, space saver since it require only a small space to work on. You can carry it anytime anywhere, the interface ports are accessible. You can easily share data, can easily conduct a presentation anywhere at any time, no need to have a UPS unit since it has a built in battery that supplies power in the event of power interruption or fluctuation. No need to carry additional accessories like keyboard, monitor, and mouse since the design is integrated in one unit.

Computer Laptop Disadvantages:

Computer laptop disadvantages are… because of its integrated design, computer laptop is difficult to repair, since you can’t re-place interfaces cards when it becomes defective. Upgrading a computer laptop is limited only to hard disk and memory only, since these are the only parts that are accessible and re-place able. Repairing computer laptop requires a certified technicians and this means that you have to pay much for their technical services. Price difference compare to a desktop computer is much greater and computer parts are too expensive as well.

How to prolong the life of computer laptop:

Avoid working on uneven surface like table mat, placing the laptop on top of a pillow or the likes, this can cause overheating, since usually the exhaust ventilation of a laptop is located at the bottom, and this can blocked the air from coming out. Avoid eating while working on your laptop because some of the food residue might fall in between of the keyboard and it may attract ants from coming in, and ants are greatest factor to short circuit the laptop electronics components. Avoid drinking as well while working because it may accidentally spill out the liquid on the unit and may cause short circuit. Do not bang the laptop computer cause it may damaged the hard disk and the casing as well. Maintained the exhaust ventilation clean, free from dust and any other foreign objects this way you can keep up the required temperature inside. Do not apply pressure on top of the LCD screen because this will damage you screen and it will cost you a lot in replacing this laptop computer parts.

Recommendation to computer laptop users:

As a computer laptop user, you must learned the basic technique on how to maintain and prolong the life of your computer laptop unit, you need also to learn how to gain access on the basic parts that are available for upgrading like memory and hard disk. You need also to know how to repair laptop computer even just basic only, this way you don’t need to hire certified technicians and waste some money just for basic troubleshooting.

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